August 01, 2012

#RickPerrysTexasMiracle — income segregation

A new study from Pew reportedly says that income segregation in America's major metropolitan areas is getting worse, and that Texas metro areas are the worst of the worst:
Among the 30 biggest metropolitan areas, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas show the greatest segregation of neighborhoods by income, the report said.
And, for those of us who don't already know this, we're told why:
Most of the metropolitan areas showing the greatest increase in segregation have seen significant population growth as people moved in.

For example, Houston, Dallas and San Antonio are among the fastest-growing U.S. cities, with growth partly fueled by low-wage immigrants moving in along with better-paid high-skill workers and well-off retirees.
 After all, a study last year said that Texas had no net job growth in the previous decade that wasn't immigration-based, and said indirectly that a fair amount of that was due to illegal immigrants. After all, they're not just digging up onions in the Valley, they're building homes in those metro areas for Rick Perry best buds like Bob Perry.

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