July 31, 2012

2nd-half preview, #MLB — #Stlcards on outside looking in

Now that the trade deadline dust has settled, we can look at winners and losers and how this will all play out.

1. Definite winner, this year, possible for longer — Los Angeles Angels. The Zach Greinke deal was great for this year. But, if they don't resign him, it could be a long-term loss.
2. Possible winner, this year and beyond — Texas Rangers. If they get the Ryan Dempster of this year, it's great for a rotation missing Neftali Feliz and moving Roy Oswalt to the bullpen. If Dempster regresses to career numbers, it's a different story.
3. Possible big winner, long-term — Pittsburgh Pirates. If Wandy Rodriguez plays well outside of Houston, and the change of scenery helps Travis Snider, they're looking good for some time. Rodriguez is inked through 2014, Snider is not yet arbitration eligible and star Andrew McCutchen is inked through 2017.
4. Possible medium-big winner, longer-term — San Francisco Giants. It is a lesser version of the Angels. Hunter Pence is arbitration eligible next year and hits free agency after that. Can the Giants keep him long-term? If so, what's that say for Tim Lincecum and his Bay Area future?

Minor winner? Los Angeles Dodgers. Shane Victorino and lesser moves may be enough to hold off the Giants or at least get a wild card. Not big for longer term

A wash, without listing players — Cincinnati Reds. All that really matters to them is Joey Votto's situation.

A loss, without listing players — St. Louis Cardinals. One weak fire sale deal with the Miami Marlins won't likely be enough to get into the playoff hunt. And, with the highest run differential in the National League, does this mean they should have gotten some bullpen help? Does this reflect on Mike Matheny's bullpen management without Dave Duncan around to help?

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