July 10, 2012

More lies from Rick Perry's Texas miracle

Per a new study from Pew, economic mobility in Texas is worse than the national average.

Of course, it's not just Rick Perry's lies. Every state at the bottom is a "red" state (it will take more than Obama 2008 for me to relabel North Carolina), and with the exception of Utah, every state at the top is "neutral" at least, if not "blue."

That's despite the concentration of finance and related industries in New York and Connecticut. And, it's not a "rural" thing with the red states; Florida, like Texas, is highly urbanized, and North Carolina fairly so. And, it's not all about illegal immigration, which is pretty low in Mississippi and Kentucky.

So, with the outlier of Utah, one could reasonably wonder if it's larger red-state vs. blue-state policies that make a difference. You know, things like a better safety net.

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