July 15, 2012

Coming up: Worst presidential election since 1924

At least concerning the two major candidates, the GOP's Mitt "Bain of the working class" Romney and Barack "Dear Leader" Obama, this is quite arguably the worst presidential election since that of 1924.

And, I'm not joking. Obama-Romney is worse than W. Bush-Kerry, or Poppy Bush-Dukakis. I really have to look back decades for a race this bad, in my opinion, between the two "major" candidates. Both are tools of the rich to some degree. Romney may have perjured himself on an SEC filing statement about Bain Capital. Obama's Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, arguably was an accessory to fraud for four years as president of the New York Federal Reserve.

The 1924 campaign was the last time we had a clearly Wall Street-loving Republican running against a me-too (conservative in 1924, neoliberal today) Democrat. The only difference was that Republican Calvin Coolidge was the incumbent while me-too Democrat John W. Davis was the challenger. 

As the Wikipedia article notes, this was one time when a third party was not just viable enough, but had enough of an "opening" for its candidate to win electoral as well as popular votes. Progressive Robert La Follette won more than 16 percent of the popular vote and the state of Wisconsin.

Ahh, if Green Party candidate Jill Stein could only hit that level, and force the Commission on Presidential Debates, the group so secretive it has NO contact information on its website, to let her into debates.

And, it's not just me that thinks this is a turkey.

A recent Gallup poll said youth turnout, by the age range of 18-29, could be down 10 percentage points from 2008. Yep, that Obamiac young people's enthusiasm of four years ago is dead as a doorknob.

Gay rights? Reluctant change. But, the banksters, regulation, civil liberties, the economy and other things, not so much. The book is out still on many aspects of business-friendly neoliberal Obamacare.

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