June 22, 2012

#Goose is right about #Clemens

Baseball Hall of Fame closer Goose Gossage, often outspoken, is right on this: Roger Clemens doesn't belong in  the HOF until he confesses about the steroids and/or HGH most of us believe he used. (Goose likened the Clemens trial verdict to that of O.J. Simpson.)

I've said the same: Confess, then let's us do some "adjustment" estimates to your stats, then we'll consider the case of the likes of Clemens and Barry Bonds.

I think Clemens probably would have won 300 without the PEDs, and still be a first-round HOFer. But, we need to know the truth. When did you start and how serious of a user were you?

Bonds and Clemens, still definite first year picks, in my world. Rafael Palmeiro? Second or third year, maybe. Take away a lot of his power at first base, and he lessens. Gary Sheffield? More iffy. Take away many of his homers and remember his horrible fielding except when he was at DH. Mark McGwire? Not a chance.

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