June 20, 2012

#Creationism - #BobJones: 'Electricity is a mystery' #godless #socialism

Creationists, at least of the Bob Jones ilk, think "Electricity is a mystery." No, really!

That's from a homeschooling textbook from  the fundamentalist South Carolina university. Given that Bob Jones is approved by Gov. Bobby Jindal et al as a provider for Louisiana’s new school curriculum, this means, in a decade, Botswana will be ahead of Louisiana in science.

There is so much wrong with this, it ain’t even funny.

First, Bob Jones got the creationist, tea partier and general wingnut meme on this wrong. Not just kind of wrong, but totally wrong.

Electricity isn’t a “mystery.”

It’s socialist, dammit!

Why? It allowed for progress, which is always socialist.

It allowed for better working conditions. It allowed for more literacy. Those in turn allowed employees to be better able to stand up to bosses, which is of course socialistic.

But, it’s not just socialistic, it’s New Agey.

Electricity, after all is everywhere and in everything, with those invisible electrons. Especially since modern godless science says that those electrons aren’t even in one exact location, it’s just like those New Age gurus and their made-in-India (sorry, Gov. Jindal) fuzzy religion bullshit say!

And, it’s still godless. Because it comes from science.

Also, electricity is a stimulus. And, what godless, socialist New Agey president believes in stimulus?

So, nope, can’t teach Louisiana kids about electricity.

More seriously, I’ve got several other thoughts.

1. How long before Jindal retreats on at least the most egregious parts of this, and what lame-o excuse will he use?

2. Or will he retreat?

3. How long will it be, here in Texas, before the State Board of Education says, “Dammit, how did Louisiana beat us to this”?

4. How long will it be before Bob Jones changes the book to something else?

5. If you really believe electricity is a mystery, why do you use it? That’s like Barry Bonds saying the “clear” and the “cream” were a mystery, but he still used them while his head ballooned to Bob Jones creationist size. 

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