May 07, 2012

What's wrong with Texas Democrats? (Updated)

It would be easy to point at state level offices, like uncontested Supreme Court races, or a bland list of U.S. Senate candidates, despite Dems having a few decent names at the Texas Senate level. (Or, to look at the new U.S. House District in the Metroplex and know that, if a Hispanic is to be "the" candidate, the wrong Garcia, Domingo rather than Elba, is running.

But, where the rubber really hits the road is Burnet County.

Yes, pretty conservative. Yes, fairly rural. But, not that far from Austin. And, surely at least a few of the rich retirees on the Highland Lakes would consider voting for a Democrat, seeing the nutty resolutions the Burnet County GOP passed in convention.

But, there are no Democrats running. (Meanwhile, that's not stopping a party "rally"; see below.)

By that, I do not mean that Democrats have no contested local-level primary contests.

I mean that NO DEMOCRATS are running, period, for two county commission seats, sheriff, county attorney, district attorney or district judge. None.

In Burnet County, in all local races, the GOP primary is the general election. (There's no Green or Libertarian candidates listed.)

When you can't get one person to run in more than half a dozen different races, you've got a problem.

Update, May 7: Meanwhile, area Democrats are planning a rally in Marble Falls' Johnson Park May 19.

Really? A rally for what? Or, more accurately, a rally for WHOM?

You have no local candidates.

And, you're holding a rally? What are you rallying for?

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