May 11, 2012

'Houston, we have a problem'

And, no, it's not James Lovell or Tom Hanks speaking that to a real or fictitious NASA.

Rather, it's probably an exec at the Houston Chronicle speaking that to a corporate lawyer.

Because, add in a mix of a staff writer who was doing moonlighting as a stripper — and blogging about it, her getting "outed" by Houston's alt-weekly, her getting fired by the Chron, and her now getting represented by Dumpster-diving celebrity lawyer/wannabe celeb herself Gloria Allred, and you've got one fun story.

Really, she has no chance, even if she claims she didn't list this "other job" on her application because it wasn't full time.

First, Tejas is an at-will state.

Second, the Chron surely has a morals clause or two.

That said, with Allred involved, PR, and the bucks from it, are the real angle anyway. Given that the staffer has now had at least one freelance spot on Good Morning America, that proves it.

Sidebar: It was "interesting" that she was a society reporter. Did she see any high-society types ogling her at places outside of high-society parties?

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