February 06, 2012

Green news: Stein wins Ohio primary

From a news email:

Jill Stein scored a very big win at the state convention of the Ohio Green Party on Saturday, winning 90% of the vote in a four-way race in presidential balloting. The convention met in Columbus to select delegates to be sent to the Green Party presidential nominating convention in Baltimore this July.

Ohio's presidential preference vote was the nation's first, and was Stein’s first test in the race for delegates. As a result, it provides an early indication of how Green Party members are assessing the candidates seeking the party nomination. The other candidates included on the Ohio ballot were Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, and Harley Mikkelson.  Stein spoke to the convention briefly before the vote and stressed the importance of providing voters with an alternative to the “two establishment parties.” After the convention, Stein attended a fundraising party with supporters in Columbus.  

Of course, when Roseanne Barr is among your four opponents, and you're  the most serious candidate, you had better win. And yes, it is THAT Roseanne Barr. I actually don't doubt her devotion to some Green principles. But, as the book she's holding in the picture on the link underscores, she also could exemplify the New Agey wing of the GP, the wing that goes full speed for pseudomedicine, and on time for conspiracy theories.

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Sheldon said...

Ahh damn, I am still actually boycotting your blog, :) but I have to say I wish crackpots like Barr, and 9-11 conspiracy theorists go find some other party to make look crackpotty.