December 24, 2011

#RonPaul, meet #racism

I'm sorry, you don't need to meet, you're well acquainted and the non-Texas public is finally getting the chance to start learning that.

AND, and, and .... In 1995, on video, Paul fessed up to being the publisher of record of this racist and racialist crap. 

AND, much, much more, in one handy location, here.

Going to love seeing the Paul-tards try to spin this baby. Have fun with the continued denialism, Paul-tards, and don't forget that there's one real libertarian in the GOP race and his name is Gary Johnson (not that I'm any sort of libertarian, myself).

Now, will this hurt him in Iowa? And, presuming it does, how much? Paul had been surging there, but, with the holiday weekend and all, there's not any polling to go by since the new rehashing of his past for a national audience during the past few days. Attempts to use the issue against him backfired in Texas, but, that says more about Paul's Congressional district (and other fairly large swaths of Texas) than it does about the substantiveness of the issues. And, even if Iowans are white-bread Midwesterners who may in many cases hold closeted racial feelings, in New Hampshire, the story's a bit different, between it being more libertarian, including on social issues, having GOP emigrants from Masschusetts, and having independent voters who can vote in any primary.

So, GOPers, it looks like your bat-shit crazy grandfather is going to crash and burn for sure. That leave bat-shit crazy Uncle Newt or a semi-normal slicked-back businessman ... who unfortunately has a track record of killing thousands of jobs.

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