December 19, 2011

A note about blogging in coming days

Sums it up, doesn't it?
I'll be packing Wednesday, moving Thursday, and getting settled into my new place right around Christmastime, then spending the next few weeks after that getting used to a new job. So, blogging will definitely be light the next few days, and perhaps light-ish through mid-January.

And, living near Austin, with more things to do, and more things to do in the Hill Country, blogging may be a bit lighter, and more non-political at times, anyway!

Anyway, I'm moving of my own free will. I still don't know the next allegedly hot career trend. I'm anxious, but over a move and job change? That's human nature, nothing more. And, maybe, with a place I should like more, and learning the on-the-job ropes, maybe I'll figure out that next big thing.


Sheldon said...

You got a job?! Congratulations. And now I can stop feeling guilty about giving you shit about the adds that were on your blog, which is how I felt after I found out you were unemployed. good luck

Gadfly said...

I'm still employed now, but, I started them in 2009, when I was unemployed between jobs.

Marble Falls, Texas, is about 40 miles west of Austin. Heart of the Texas Hill Country, Sheldon. The only other decent lead I had recently was Port Angeles, Washington. Being NPS, I know you know what's up there. BUT ... the paper had bad management, and I'm not sure those winters would suit me.

No need to feel guilty otherwise. I still have one, I think, in the RH "rail."

And, what's your take on Hitch? I've hammered him, but I don't think too hard.

Anyway, it will be nice to be out of Bush-ville! ... Curious; did you grow up in the Four Corners yourself, or where?