December 13, 2011

#Amazon: the new #Walmart

I hadn't even heard about Amazon's new bullshit, but reading this column about it telling people to use Kindle's price-check app to go into bookstores and see if stuff cost less at Amazon, AND get discounts?

Especially since books themselves ... didn't qualify for the discount?

What the hell else is that but Walmart in electronic drag?

Well, eff you, Amazon. I'm glad I delinked my Amazon reviews from my links list. Eff you for eliminating the "classic" review rankings, which I knew you were doing, even though you refused to tell me that over a two-month period when I wondered why my classic ranking wasn't changing.

Eff you, Jeff Bezos, aka Junior Steve Jobs, and your grubbing at "information streams."

If I do buy an e-reader some day, it won't be from you.

1 comment:

Druv said...

Walmart Manipulation in India

WalMart has taken its monstrosity to a whole new level by buying out the politicians and using our Tax money to Establish UID system to tap into the information of all the people of India.

This system would have given them access into the lives of all the people of India so they can feed off their lives to sustain themselves for a long time.

This monster has to be put down soon!