December 13, 2011

Jeff Gordon sucks up to #stlcards mgmt .. Again!

His current suck-up is far from the first. Let's take a look at what's new here in his defense of Bill DeWitt/John Mozeliak vs. Albert Pujols.

1. The claim that the team aggressively upgraded the roster. A couple of LOOGY lefties and middle-infield spare parts is NOT aggressive. Yes, it panned out for 2011. But, if Colby Rasmus bounces back to a 2009 level with Toronto let alone 2010,, long-term, this trade is a loss.
Plus, the fact that management traded another non-Tony Boy, Brendan Ryan, and wound up getting possibly worse in the middle infield, necessitating the "aggressively" upgrading. Gordon conveniently misses that.

2. He admits that team offers to Pujols were management friendly. So management friendly that the management apparently never even considered the "milestone marketing" shared profits the Yankees gave to A-Rod. Dumb and dumber, there, in my opinion.

3. As for his rhetorical questions about how the Cards might have treated Pujols at the end of the line vs. how the Angels might? Well, Jeff, you and I don't know what the Cards would do in a decade. Given the paragraph immediately above, I wouldn't hold my breath. Given that management never listened to Ozzie Smith, who had at least a halfway legit grievance vs. Tony, and never tried to play peacemaker there, to the best of my knowledge, I definitely wouldn't hold my breath on how current management might have treated Pujols in a decade.

Again, I'm not saying Pujols is a saint; he's even got bits of hypocrisy, I think. But, let's not buff Bill and Mo's apple needlessly.

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