November 13, 2011

#Stlcards: Matheny is it to replace #TLR

You can't vote in my poll on the right-hand side: Mike Matheny, the former catcher, is reportedly the choice to replace Tony La Russa as St. Louis Cardinals' manager. (You can vote in a new one, about whether or not you like the decision.)

Should his lack of managerial experience, or even coaching experience at the major-league level, be held against him? John Mozeliak apparently didn't think so:
Matheny told the Post-Dispatch after interviewing with the Cardinals earlier this month that his lack of managerial experience was "the elephant that walked in with me" to the interview. But that proved not to be a major point of contention, he said.
"That was defused right away. They made it clear that this is a leadership position and that what they were looking for to fill the role is a leader," Matheny said at the time, according to the Post-Dispatch. "Yes, there are the baseball things and the knowledge of baseball, but we talked a lot about the characteristics that are necessary to be a leader at this level and a leader of that clubhouse."
I'm leery. And so is Ken Rosenthal. I think Mo was looking for a way to put his stamp on the team. And, that poll may get changed to ask your opinion on the move.

Joe Strauss at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has a long profile of the decision. Good news, overall? Jose Oquendo wants to stay on the coaching staff. Leery factor? At 41, Matheny is the joungest manager in baseball, as well as its second-least experienced. (I put him ahead of Ventura.)

On the age factor, this blog has a full list of Cards managers, by date of birth, but with age of starting also included.

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