November 09, 2011

Obama #CO2 pander won't help #climatechange much

President Barack Obama has announced plans to regulate CO2 emissions from new power plants.

First, note that one word: new.

Even as wingnuts gear up, this won't affect a single power plant already built. Depending on the exact phrasing, it won't affect any currently under construction.

And, we all know that older coal-fired plants are the biggest problem on CO2 emissions. The electric industry's been moving more and more toward gas-fired plants anyway.

I'm surprised this hasn't gotten more traction on Memeorandum, given how it's like honey to wingnut flies.

That said, per the one environmentalist quoted, it is a start. But, it's a small start.

And, we don't know what the actual standards will be. How tight will they be set?

Reality? Since it only addresses new plants, it will do ZERO to reign in American CO2 emissions. Because it does point toward not just natural gas but nuclear, given Obama's close ties of the past, it will gin up campaign money from the likes of Exelon, as well as the likes of Duke Energy, heavy on gas and lighter on coal in its power-plant profile.

And, it may be an advance move to try to give Dear Leader cover on Keystone. Stay tuned on that, and if Obama gives the pipeline the green light, look for another EPA announcement shortly before the Keystone okey-dokey and remember that you heard me predict it.

UPDATE, Nov. 10: And, I warned you, except it happened earlier than expected! Dear Leader wants TransCanada to look at alternative routes for the pipeline, which will push a final decision past the 2012 elections.

And, more pandering here, this time on the call for wilderness areas.

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