October 20, 2011

Reasons 3,433-34 to #VoteGreen not Obama

For the twentysomethings among the Occupy Wall Street crowd who thought Shepard Fairey's 2008 Obama Photoshopping was cool, guess what?

Dear Leader would like YOU to do something similar for his 2012 campaign. For FREE. And, the details of the request are clearly designed to comply with federal campaign-donation law.

Well, after Obama taking that page out of HuffPost, Greek Goddess Arianna Huffington should arrange a HuffPost money bomb.

Also, isn't there a bit of additional ... not irony, but, to stick the shiv in, ethical twisting for the nation's first black president (even though his dad was African, not an African-American slave descendant) to be so blatantly trying to get free labor, not for door-to-door or phone-call work, but for something that would be worth, what, $5,000-$10,000 at least out of a name graphics shop?

Speaking of Huff Post and money bombs, Dear Leader doesn't need too much help with that; Wall Street continues to like him.

A lot. Dear Leader got more money from Mitt Romney-founded Bain Capital than ... Mitt Romney!
One top banking executive who raises money for Obama, discussing fundraising efforts on the condition of anonymity, said reports of disaffection with the president “are exaggerated and overblown.” He said a strong contingent of financiers in New York, Chicago and California remains supportive of Obama and his economic policies, even as some have turned on him.
But, this donor added, “it probably helps from a political perspective if he’s not seen as a Wall Street guy.”
That said, to be fair, Obama's fundraising is for both him and the Democratic National Committee. His personal campaign is drawing less than Romney.

And, the other new reason to vote Green? The State Department, petulant that a career Foreign Service author has written a book about our rebuilding failures in Iraq AND that he linked to a Wikileaks document openly available on the Internet showing Team Obama's hypocrisy over Libya has put him in career exile by suspending his security clearance.
Peter Van Buren said the State Department is deliberately suspending his clearance, instead of revoking it, in order to place him in limbo and deny him the ability to appeal the decision.
This is petty petulance.

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