October 21, 2011

We might be back in Iraq in 2012

Buried a few grafs down in the story about Iraq withdrawal was this piece of information, in the NYT story:
(N)egotiations will continue, and some of those troops might find themselves redeployed to Iraq in 2012 or beyond, an American official said on Friday. But the official, who spoke anonymously because the deliberations are meant to be confidential, said the talks will now center on arrangements that would begin next year, after all United States troops leave. 
Of course, this will all be based on Obama re-election politics, whether it's better to appear the Peace Prize Prez or the Tough on Terra Prez.

Also left unmentioned, with the former Blackwater and other mercenaries there, guarding embassy personnel, etc., is if they will be treated as a "tripwire" or not.

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