September 07, 2011

Amazon the new Redbox?

Just as Redbox hopes to pick up customers leaving Netflix over it charging separately for DVD and streaming, now comes word that Amazon is looking to set up pick-up locations at 7-Elevens.

I don't really like the idea. One, why would you not have Amazon deliver to your residence instead? This just doesn't make sense. Second, it only really works well, to the degree it will at all, in metropolitan areas where Amazon already has a warehouse presence of some sort. Third, speaking of that, it undercuts Amazon's claim, made to various state governments who are imposing sales taxes on it, that it doesn't have a physical presence in those states. Fourth, if the picture is any indication, this is horrible from a branding/marketing perspective.

More details here.

Just because something like this works in Japan is no reason it will work in the U.S.

That said, it's all part of a busy day in the tech world, including yahoo finally kicking Carol Bartz to the curb, Google's South Korean offices raided over civil liberties issues and (shock) Groupon delaying an IPO.

The first is long overdue, the second is no surprise, given similar in Europe, and the third? Groupon, if investors are smart, will never have an IPO.

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Luis said...

You must not live in a city or you have plenty of time on your hands to sit at home and wait for deliveries. The amazon locker is a great idea, especially for a young professional like me. My girlfriend and I have careers that often make us go beyond the “9-5” mold in which most people live in. There is nothing better than just finishing the day, walking over to the locker that's closest to our apartment and just picking up what we ordered. There’s never a “sorry we missed you" sign on the door, or better yet, trying to find a package that was supposedly dropped off at your doorstep. I have wasted so much time in the past with couriers. Also, I have personally used these lockers many times and they are truly the most convenient part of on-line shopping. I praise amazon for this wonderful idea.