SocraticGadfly: CIA agent ransomed from Pakistan

March 16, 2011

CIA agent ransomed from Pakistan

What else can you say when the U.S. paid more than $2 million to families of people allegedly killed by Raymond Davis to get him out of the country?

That said, while it may have calmed the families a bit, Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence? Maybe not.
One ISI official said CIA director Leon Panetta and ISI chief Gen. Shuja Pasha talked in mid-February to smooth out the friction between the two spy agencies. A U.S. official confirmed that the phone call took place.

Pasha demanded the U.S. identify "all the Ray Davises working in Pakistan, behind our backs," the official said.

He said Panetta agreed "in principle" to declare such employees, the official said, but would not confirm if the agency had done so.
That's going to restrict CIA efforts to expand the undeclared war against Taliban-type operatives inside Pakistan, for sure. And, it's probably going to crimp its efforts to keep tabs on ISI agents supporting such groups.

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