SocraticGadfly: Pharyngula gets Dr. Gosnell all wrong

January 20, 2011

Pharyngula gets Dr. Gosnell all wrong

In his rush to defend abortion, P.Z. Myers claims that abortionist Dr. Gosnell's murdering of babies delivered live is NOT murder! Seriously ... at comment #31
Sorry, but I consider birth to be an arbitrary dividing line. There are good legal reasons to call termination of a viable newborn murder, but I don't think there are good ethical reasons.

My response:

@PZ 31 and that's why you're such a HORRIBLE spokesperson for pro-choice issues.

Per your "logic," where DO you "draw the line"?

We could be good Baptists and draw it at the age of accountability, and say that unless a kid is 13 or older, it's not murder to kill him.

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