SocraticGadfly: More on the 'case' against Assange

December 19, 2010

More on the 'case' against Assange

First, I put "case" in scare quotes because, since charges haven't been filed, is this legally a "case" under Swedish law? I don't know.

Second, let's not forget point No. 1.

That said, there's new details about what's up.

Claes Borgstrom, the lawyer for the two Swedish women, who is Sweden’s former equal opportunities ombudsman (said) ... Assange’s statement that he has “heard no evidence whatsoever” to support the allegations was false, since the contents of the police report were made available to his Swedish lawyers weeks ago.

OK, a couple of questions right there.

First, what Swedish lawyers? All we hear about and from is Mark Stephens, Assange’s British lawyer, from the “sex by surprise” comment on. So, who does Assange have working for him in Sweden? What’s their take on all of this? Why aren't they commenting?

That said, we are being told now, in this story, that Anna Ardin is “a left-wing activist.” We’ve heard Counterpunch describe her (via FiredogLake) as a tool of CIA front groups. We've heard The Age (Australia) note she's not even in Sweden now and describe her as generally being on the more liberal and activist side. If Counterpunch's story had any truth, it would seem she's either naive at times, or a bit flighty, which I'm thinking anyway.

And, per The Age, linked above, yet more questions:
Assange was staying with Ardin, then he was with (Sofia) Wilen, and then later in the week he went back to a crayfish party at Ardin's place, pausing only to text Wilen. Ardin later threw him out, and at the end of the week, the two women - who did not know each other - had compared notes and gone to Klara police station in Stockholm to inquire about forcing Assange to take an STI test.

If Ardin and Wilen don't know each other (and I don't know what level of "not knowing" is meant — not knowing each other at all? not knowing each other well? not knowing each other outside of the cyberworld?) how could they have known to have "compared notes"?

There's plenty still up in the air. Nate Silver of 538 will have to keep working on his Bayesian probabilities on this one.

That all then said, if half of what if alleged is true, Assange is a criminal. And stupid. If he is right, as I believe he is, that the United States imperialist government was looking for a chance to legally incarcerate him (before possibly stooping to illegal incarceration and detention?), then why did he — every sort of pun intended — expose himself like this, if he did?

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