SocraticGadfly: Josh Marshall, enabler of the two-party duopoly

September 27, 2010

Josh Marshall, enabler of the two-party duopoly

And, of a fair amount of neoliberalism.

Technically, he may be in New York, not DC, but with "grow up kids" pablum like this decrying progressives frustrated enough with Obamacrats to stay home from the polls this fall, the Talking Points Memo publisher richly deserves "inside the Beltway" opprobrium.

Here's what I e-mailed Josh:
Josh, I know you've got an American history Ph.D.

Therefore, you surely know the popularity of the Greenback Labor, Populist and other parties in the Plains and West in the late 19th century. They were popular enough to elect governors, members of Congress, and state legislators, and win presidential electoral votes.

In fact, it's quite arguable they **forced** the Democrats to nominate Bryan in 1896 and therefore forced progressive issues into the political mainstream.

Therefore, telling people to, in essence, get a grip, rather than accepting that, **like the spouse of an alcoholic,** they are tired of **enabling** Democrats, is historically shortsighted, as well as perhaps needing "a grip" yourself.

I tell people, instead of giving up, vote Green. Or Socialist. Make your discontent active, not passive.

And, I need to update this.

Sept. 28: Yes, as Josh himself notifies me by Twitter, he didn't write either this post, or another.
joshtpm @SocraticGadfly & you cite two posts I didn't even write. Great attention to detail!

True, Josh; David Kurtz did.

But, Josh, you're the publisher. By analogy with a newspaper, you, not just as an individual, but as an institution, don't disagree with Kurtz's take, or the tenor of it, if you don't directly say so. Yes, he wrote the equivalent of a column, not an editorial; nonetheless, as I tweeted back, you've not disavowed the sentiments, or even nuanced them. (And I don't I stand alone in that observation.

And, the historical background argument still stands.

Otherwise, I read less of TPM than I used to, since it's clear you have a certain "take" on issues, that you're in love with the Obama White House, and with things like eliminating reader blogs, that's not going to change.

The slide shows? The mainstream media pattern of anonymous quotes from inside the White House? Josh, those are all you, baby. And, again, I'm not the only person to note that.

In short, you're like a more intellectual, more inside-the-beltway version of what Daily Kos was like 4-5 years ago.

Ugh. BIG ugh.

I guess I need to read you less, and something like FDL more. And, tell others to do the same.

And, Josh, perhaps you could tell David that rather than criticize people who are expressing WHY they have an "enthusiasm gap," he needs to look in the mirror for being an enabler of that problem, too.

Also, Josh, Obama himself is fighting the enthusiasm gap. And, the hypocrisy gap.

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