SocraticGadfly: Why did (does?) Kagan hate minority drug users

May 15, 2010

Why did (does?) Kagan hate minority drug users

Guess who was behind the Slickster's push for the 100x disparity on crack vs. powder cocaine sentencing? Guess who told Clinton to make this decision on political needs?

Yep, that would be Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Ms. Elena Kagan? And, who in the now all non-black Senate's going to ask her about that?

Well, the NAACP, it turns out, DIDN'T ask her about that:
The nation's oldest and largest civil rights group voted unanimously at a board meeting in Florida to endorse Kagan, in line to succeed retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. It was an early endorsement by a major interest group for Kagan, who is solicitor general, the government's top lawyer at the Supreme Court.

The NAACP's president, Benjamin Jealous, told The Associated Press that the group initially was concerned because Kagan, who never served as a judge, had little direct evidence or a record that she would actively promote civil rights.
Well, she has a clear past record on one thing that FIGHTS civil rights!

Nor did Jealous and the rest of hte NAACP ask her about her pre-Solicitor General opinions on expanding the domain of corporate "free speech."

In other words, this is just a knee-jerk reaction to a Democratic president, and a minority one at that, running a nomination choice up the flagpole. I guess, collectively, per Matt Yglesias' vapid, tautological definition, the NAACP board is a bunch of good liberals.

On Harriet Miers, a group like Rutherford would have squashed Kagan like a bug.

Meanwhile, speaking of Kagan and conservatives, Media Matters for America claims all conservatives are ramped up against Kagan. It's a cheap fundraising ploy, or something to that effect, I'm sure. Bottom line is that it's not true.

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