SocraticGadfly: John Wiley Price's 'boy' won't talk

March 15, 2010

John Wiley Price's 'boy' won't talk

Clay Jenkins, the hand-picked candidate of controversial Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price to be the Democratic nominee for Dallas County Judge, instead of incumbent JimFoster, who is definitely persona non grata to JWP, apparently doesn't like to talk a lot. So, the Dallas Observer profiled him, before his Democratic runoff against Larry Duncan, without his cooperation. They would have liked to hear from him about:
Where did he live before his current residence in Highland Park? Why didn't he vote in Dallas County until 2006? Why did he vote in Ellis County in 2007? None of which, obviously, were deemed worthy of a response from Jenkins or his campaign.
All good questions. I'm not claiming Larry Duncan is the bees' knees, but he's not a JWP hack. Or a Royce West hack. (Royce, put more daylight between yourself and JWP, eh?)

Anyway, Clay is JWP's boy. Has been ever since JWP tapped him just because "Foster Gump" AND folks like Hutchins mMayor Artis Johnson wouldn't dance when JWP snapped his fingers. Johnson wouldn't employ JWP-connected subcontractors to build a new bridge, and didn't like JWP's standing up of Dallas inland port progress.

And, since Hutchins Mayor Johnson is also African-American, this isn't a racial issue. Rather, it's JWP wanting to take care of his best buds.

Let's remember that, even before Foster opposed JWP on this, as the Dallas Observer first reported, JWP reportedly tried to "shake down" The Allen Group and CEO Richard Allen over the inland port and contractors and subcontractors.

For people who want more information on that, just click the "Price" tag (heh, heh) in the tags below. You'll learn more about the history of JWP with the Dallas Inland Port, etc.

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Betty Culbreath said...

I attended a meeting last week Clay Jenkins was there,sit on side of room with guy,who came into meeting with him.I did not see him trying to make new friends.He seems kind of, KING,like.Dallas County is in such bad condition,I don't think who the County Judge is will matter.