SocraticGadfly: Big Mac fesses up to roiding... all's well, right?

January 11, 2010

Big Mac fesses up to roiding... all's well, right?

So, Mark McGwire has finally confessed to using steroids in his 70-HR 1998, and now all is OK, right?

Well, maybe not.

Yahoo's Tim Brown rips Mark McGwire a new one for a self-serving, not real, apology.

And, I kind of have to agree. The apology came out of nowhere; it nowhere mentioned his influence on kids. It nowhere mentioned details.

And, despite not even giving Tony the pony La Russa an advance heads up, Tony the Red will probably still come up with the nutty idea of pinch-hitting him to reset his HOF clock.

Update: More reactions...

Howard Bryant of ESPN notes not just records or baseball credibility was affected; he says, in essence, show me the money from your roid-driven contracts.

In that line, Jayson Stark says he looked remorseful on Costas' show, but doubts Mac yet gets it, on all the damage he did.

Oh, and Mac's "revelations" are old news at one place: the FBI.

And here's why you shouldn't put too much stock into Mark McGwire's "tearful" appearance in front of Bob Costas.

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