SocraticGadfly: Big Mac, deconstructed and translated

January 12, 2010

Big Mac, deconstructed and translated

Here's why you shouldn't put too much stock into Mark McGwire's "tearful" appearance in front of Bob Costas. This is a great, long, blow-by-blow blog; it's a sarcastic must read!

Jayson Stark says he looked remorseful on Costas' show, but doubts Mac yet gets it, on all the damage he did.

Maybe, per the first link, it took 15 minutes before Mac could force any tears.

Of course, Yahoo's Tim Brown saw through McGwire for offering what he saw as a self-serving, not real, apology even before Big Mac went on Costas.

Oh, and to people like a friend of mine who say they're already tired of the cynics, well, not being cynical enough, in this case, could be seen as "enabling."

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