July 18, 2009

Wild horse bill – good intentions but bad results likely

Once again, too many Congresscritters have been reading “Brighty of the Grand Canyon” and then, as a result, writing what’s probably bad legislation.

Sure, a wild, Arab-mix white stallion looks noble.

But, a hammer-headed roan, from habitat confinement, overgrazing and inbreeding, doesn’t. And, the bill the House passed doesn’t force the Bureau of Land Management to come up with all the new land.

If passed, the bill would give the government authority to enter into cooperative agreements to create wild horse sanctuaries on nonfederal lands. Right. Fat chance of that.

That said, GOP grandstanding on the bill, saying Democrats were putting horses over unemployed people, is simply shameless.

Here’s the bottom line. Beyond it not requiring the BLM to set up more habitat, meaning all the problems listed above will continue, wolf predators are nonexistent across most the west, and mountain lions almost so. (Coyotes, for the unfamiliar, do nor normally hunt in packs; even on the rare occasions they do hunt in any cooperative manner, they’re still not going to take down horses.)

And, that’s that.

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