October 18, 2008

Missing — Bristol Palin

So, where IS Bristol Palin? All of a sudden, she’s not visible on the campaign trail.

First, she’s not that far along in her pregnancy.

Second, even if she were, Supermom Sarah in her fifth alleged pregnancy, flew to Dallas a day before giving birth allegedly having a baby.

Oh, a hat tip, I got the “milk carton pic” from the Sarah Palin Deception blog .

That said, I don’t believe — unlike many people there — that Bristol is now in hiding because she’s not really pregnant, and her pregnancy, with the exact number of months she is pregnant, being announced at the Republican National Convention in an attempt to use pregnancy timetables to preclude her being Trig’s mom.

I believe Bristol actually is pregnant. It would be too hard to pull off a fake pregnancy now, and, were Bristol not pregnant, the Trig cover story could be tweaked in other ways. (Although the possibility of Sarah Palin making up a pregnancy for political gain wouldn’t surprise me.)

The "five months" I don't believe, though.

With a second pregnancy in a row, Bristol would know sooner, and Sarah could manipulate dates as she pleased.

I have been on this since early September. Here’s my main blog post on the pregnancy.

Per a Ted Rall column I blogged about, Bristol may well never complete high school; she almost certainly won’t complete college. She and Levi will stay married less than a decade, will probably have at least one instance of domestic violence, and will then get divorced.

So, back to the main point — WHY is she in hiding?

Could it be wedding planning? Possible but not likely.

Is it because she is not as far in her pregnancy as claimed? In the spotlight of the presidential campaign, Sarah, Todd et al know this is going to be more tightly scrutinized.

That said, it’s certainly possible high-ups in the Obama campaign have some questions, but I don’t think they’re 100 percent sold on Trig’s pregnancy being faked. And I certainly doubt they have more evidence than does the Enquirer, kind of contra the Palin Deception blog.

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