SocraticGadfly: Dallas Morning News goes in financial tank

October 31, 2008

Dallas Morning News goes in financial tank

The Snooze’s parent, A.H. Belo, lost nearly $20 million in the third quarter alone.

Now, a large chunk of that was one-time costs related to employee buyouts which Belo says will save about $30 mil a year in the long term.

I’m guessing the $4.5 million printing press impairment charge is Belo’s write-down of officially shuttering the doors on the Snooze’s south Dallas printing plant site.

But, while Bob Dechard tries to spin the good news, there’s other turds inside the silver lining, including an 11 percent drop in Internet revenue.

Frankly, I have to wonder if closing the Denton Record-Chronicle and rolling it into the News is on the table for discussion.

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