SocraticGadfly: Friday scatblogging – gold in that thar dinoscat

May 02, 2008

Friday scatblogging – gold in that thar dinoscat

A dinosaur coprolite, a mere 130 million years old, sold Wednesday for $960 at auction in New York City, more than twice the starting price of $450.
Buyer Steve Tsengas of Fairport Harbor, Ohio, owns OurPets, a company that sells products to treat dog and cat waste.

Tsengas bought the dung in hopes of motivating his employees and using it as a marketing tool by displaying it at the company's booth at trade shows, he said.

“Poop,” he said, “is a big business in the pet industry.”

No shit?

And, that coprolite looks like petrified wood. I’m even wondering if you couldn’t cut it with a fine-grade masonry saw and polish it up like a flat slab of petrified wood.

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