SocraticGadfly: Biden to end COVID emergency; "justified"?

February 03, 2023

Biden to end COVID emergency; "justified"?

The announcement that this will happen in May appears to have caught many Congressional Democrats off guard. Why it did, I don't know; without having a "date certain," Biden had first announced this would happen last December.

Here's what it means, per items at this link.

The price of an mRNA booster will be $82-$130. But, they semi-suck anyway.

People kept on Medicaid who no longer qualify will now be booted.

Food stamp boosts will be gone.

The "why" is at that first link, in part. With the House now in GOP hands Biden figured money to continue to back an emergency declaration wasn't going to be there.

Per the first link, there's one other thing — it means Biden can't continue to invoke Title 42 at the border. #BlueAnon probably still thinks his hands were tied there. Rather, this was more a voluntary option on his part from early on.

Is it "justified"? Well, in a country without national health care, not really. But, in terms of where we're at right now on cases and deaths, per Worldomters? Yes. Sorry, People's CDC. Sorry, fellow travelers like Gregg Gonsalves and Walker Bragman. Or more, "sorry" than sorry. "Sorry," overwrought doom-mongers (especially for money) like Jessica Wildfire.

Is it "justified" and why is that word in scare quotes? It's because, per Walter Kaufmann, I generally reject the idea of "justice," and hence, of whether something is "justified" or not.

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