SocraticGadfly: We want pot! We want it legal! We want it now!

April 21, 2021

We want pot! We want it legal! We want it now!

As Texas is now semi-surrounded by New Mexico's legalization of recreational marijuana, Oklahoma still looking at ersatz full legalization, and Arkansas having medical legalization, per my updated blog post about that, Pew Research says 91 percent of Merika wants at least medical legalization, and 60 percent want the full meal deal.

Related, to a degree? The NYT explains the backdrop of state laws banning hanging air fresheners from mirrors. It notes that's why Daunte Wright was stopped in Minnesota — the law is often a pretext wedge.

That said, I'd like to see a state learn from both booze and tobacco and legalize it, but only with labeling and with THC-prorated taxes.

By the first, I mean, just like cigs have to list tar and nicotine, pot has to list THC, AND it has to list it versus "ditch weed."

By the second, I mean that 20 percent THC would be taxed as much as twice as much as 10 percent THC. I'd even be open to putting a cap on max THC.

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