SocraticGadfly: GOP wingnut of wingnuts fears ‘Sahara law’

January 20, 2020

GOP wingnut of wingnuts fears ‘Sahara law’

Nutbars running for Congress were on full display in Gainesville Thursday night. Local Republicans hosted a meeting for the plethora of candidates seeking to fill Mac Thornberry’s 13th District shoes.

Catherine “I Swear” Carr couldn’t even pronounce “sharia” correctly, as she seemed to call for elimination of “Sahara law.” Her one opponent, a piece of work in some of her own ways, openly corrected her. (Carr also has misspellings on campaign literature, and combines wingnut Christianity with a prosperity Gospel twist by claiming God will bless her paying her full filing fees.) Otherwise, other candidates, when asked about foreign threats, demonized Islam, starting with Jason Vogelsong. Josh Weingarner claimed that “the wall” would stop terrorism, the same claim that led Shrub Bush’s presidency to shut down the Boquillas crossing at Big Bend.

Carr, along with most the other candidates, tried to show how close they are to You Know Who. "I'm friends with Donald Trump on Twitter," she said. It's unconstitutional, and the GOP would use it in both racist and classist (they overlap but they're not the same, Marxists!) ways, but it's a shame that we can't require BOTH an intelligence test and a psychological profile test to run for office.

Otherwise, on domestic spending, half the candidates called for elimination of the old stereotypical “waste, fraud and abuse.”

In an attempt to prove his pro-life bona fides, another candidate, Richard Herman, called for eliminating Planned Parenthood, not a federal agency. He later seemed to believe that yelling into his microphone was a sure way to gin up support. The former Potter County JP also has been arrested for domestic violence and other issues. Shock me.

Other candidates had interesting stances on their campaign material.

Matt McArthur wants to make child support tax-deductible. Why? You a baby daddy that doesn't like paying up?

One candidate, Elaine Hays, did briefly reference entitlement programs, but moved on without offering details of any possible reform.

Learn more about all the candidates via Ballotpedia.

This definitely non-Republican sees Elaine Hays as overall the least bad candidate in the most GOP-friendly Congressional district in the nation, according to Cook’s Political Report. That said, while she mentioned the national debt increasing from $17 trillion to $23 trillion in the past five years, she didn’t note that Trump had been president for the last three of those five.

And, her elective experience isn't as valuable if, contra any claims on her behalf that may be floating around, she is not the only candidate with such experience. And she's not. Herman and Wichita County Commissioner Lee Harvey (almost as looney as Lee Harvey Oswald) obviously have also been elected.

As for “socialist” policies? If government ownership of a business is socialism, I think — and am old enough to remember when it still existed — the old government-owned U.S. Post Office worked better than today’s semi-privatized Postal Service.

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