SocraticGadfly: Chris Bell, certified progressive

January 30, 2020

Chris Bell, certified progressive

Yes, Mr. Milquetoast Certified ConservaDem is now a "certified progressive" as he seeks, along with many others, the Democratic nomination to face incumbent John Cornyn in the U.S. race.

Says who?

Says Progress Texas.

Via Brains, Progress Texas is a contributor to the bastardization of the word "progressive," when it lets "public option" candidates claim to be "certified progressive." Yours truly stopped using the word "pergressuve" as a replacement for "librul" years ago because of this.

I tweeted, TP responded:
There you go. As for the 10 items on the questionnaire? Toothless, especially the first, on health care, which nowhere has the words "Medicare for all" or "single payer."

So, a refresher course.

Just over four years ago, "certified progressive" Bell endorsed a Republican in the Houston mayoral runoff. He was politically smart enough not to endorse Buzbee this time, shockingly. And, in the past, since his one term in Congress, Mr. Ethics has been less than totally ethical.

That said, half the Dem candidates or more in this race couldn't pass the single-payer test. And, if Item No. 10, gun control, had anything less toothless than vague generalities, it would flunk other candidates besides Hegar.

The last issue?

The actual responses aren't posted. So, we're taking Progress Texas at its word that Bell et al uttered something more than vague generalities responses.

If Sema Hernandez didn't answer the questionnaire for the reasons above, I don't blame her.

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