SocraticGadfly: Howie Hawkins is in the running for the Green Party presidential nomination

May 30, 2019

Howie Hawkins is in the running
for the Green Party presidential nomination

Not quite two months after forming an exploratory committee and giving extended cogitation, Howie Hawkins is in.

Part of me was wondering why he was taking so long, while asking for donations. Then it dawned on me. He's not a medical doctor like Jill Stein or a famous consumer advocate like Ralph Nader, both of whom, while not as rich as the typical duopoly presidential candidates, nonetheless are multimillionaires.

I presume he wanted to make sure he had at least a basic level of equity to actually run, for the nomination, and if he gets it, for the general election. This of course applies in some degree to at least some other candidates as well, unless they're perennial candidates who care first about being a candidate and secondly about how to actually run a campaign. That said, thinking about this issue, and knowing that, even with the lower overhead of a third party pre-nomination, there's still an overhead, is different than just filing to run.

Click the link above to read about his platform and more.

And go here for my initial assessment of 2020 Green presidential candidates, and what is important to me in a nominee.

David Bruce Collins said he wants to make sure the national party doesn't put a thumb on the scale of the race. This piece explains that it maybe did put a small one on there already at the time of Hawkins' announcement.

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