SocraticGadfly: Time for a Facebook tidy-up

April 01, 2019

Time for a Facebook tidy-up

I'm not thinking as in "full cleanup," with dozens of friends dropped.

But, with a new move, and Twitter banning my old account (no, dipshit Jack, it's not "suspended") and a heated 2020 Dem presidential nomination coming up, and that already being revelatory on Book of Face ... time to tidy up.

A number of my current FB friends (no, I don't link my FB account to Twitter or this blog, as my version of good social media hygiene) were made via the late Leo Lincourt. For whatever reason, one of them has moved on, on her side, since he died, and changed her Book of Face connection to me.

Many of Leo's friends who were in part for political reasons aren't leftist, or even that strongly left-liberal. When Beto is promoted for his "electability," .... time to loosen the connection if there's no other real strength of connectedness.

So, I've already started slotting some friends as just "acquaintances." Others will happen soon. I just snoozed one on March 15 who drinks the Beto Kool-Aid. I snoozed another who thinks Glenn Greenwald is the greatest thing since sliced bread. When I posted Ken Silverstein's latest piece about GG back, he got indignant. He then mentioned Aaron Mate (good, and I already know Aaron), Caity Johnstone (a nutter) and ignored my suggestion to learn more about Ken, even after I mentioned his original Washington Babylon at Harper's, his founding of Counterpunch and his Mossack Fonseca work. Don't tell me that I'm not well enough read politically if you diss Ken without even following up on my suggestions.

Ditto on some whom I have connected with via Green Party-affiliated Facebook groups. For those who have individually friended me and vice versa, if, as we move toward 2020, I see that you come off as more and more stereotypical Greens on woo, antivaxxerism, etc., I'll loosen those connections, too.

Riffing back to Leo? Finding that sweet spot between non-Gnu Atheism, non-Democratic (or partially so) left-liberals and beyond, and people with a non-American exceptionalism outlook on foreign affairs, among other things, isn't easy. That said, per this ... I am at least going to move political friends who can't put at least part of one foot outside the Democratic party to "acquaintances" unless they have other reasons for me to be FB friends.

More broadly, I may cut my Facebook posting more and focus on building the new Twitter account. Oh, fuck you again, Jack.

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