June 19, 2018

TX Progressives say: Tear down those concentration camp tents

The Texas Progressive Alliance strongly condemns the inhumane practice of separating families from their children — especially keeping them in cages and, even worse, a separated kid being raped — as it brings you its weekly roundup.

In related stories:

Neil at All People Have Value posted a picture of people protesting at the proposed Houston location of the baby jail for kids taken from families at the border.

Progrexas notes many ministers denounced the Trump action from the pulpit, and it’s not just “librul Christians” upset; Somervell County Salon notes the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution calling for better immigration policy.

SocraticGadfly talks about the need for third parties of the left, in the plural as necessary. His Twitter thread on the concentration camps notes both halves of the duopoly have shares of responsibility for what has led to this point.

Off the Kuff looked back at the polls from 2010 and 2014 to get a sense of where we are today.

Stephen Young at the Dallas Observer describes how, at its convention the Texas GOP went left of Texas Dems on marijuana policy ideas. (Dan Patrick will remain a huge roadblock.)

Grits for Breakfast talks about the criminal justice part of the GOP platform.

Also at the Dallas Observer Jim Schutze talks about the fakeness behind the McDermott bridges over I-30.

Texas Vox examines the issues of storing renewable energy in Texas.

Texas Observer notes the latest case of TCEQ not enforcing air pollution laws.

Texas Monthly discusses the latest meat-ax cutting at the San Antonio Express-News. (Besides Peggy Fikac, any larger seven-day daily whacking an ombudsman/public editor shows it doesn’t care too much about PR, in my opinion. And, since Hearst isn’t publicly traded, we have no idea how (un)necessary these cuts were. Your editor also wonders why, on “combo synergy,” Hearst isn’t editing, or even just dropping, datelines.)

The TSTA Blog would like to know who is going to pay for more school counselors.

Gaby Diaz wants real action on school shootings.

G. Paris Johnson explores mental health issues in the African-American community.

Therese Odell reviews the Trump/Kim bro-fest so you don't have to.

Jessica Elizarraras notes Whataburger's reaction to the IHOP/IHOB name change.

After being targeted by hackers last week, TexasLeftist is dusting off, and standing by our values.  This blog is a site which will always promote diversity, inclusion and understanding.  As such, TL was happy to observe and celebrate the Muslim holiday of EidAl Fitr with our fellow Texans.

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