August 30, 2017

Deadspin officially enters self-parody

I normally browse Deadspin for a few to several minutes about once every two weeks.

First, it's quick to do, as about one-fifth to one-quarter of its "stories" are actually advertorial spam, written by the same folks who do their blogging. And yes, blogging is what the actual "stories" are; there's really not much original reporting there.

Related to that, it's "fun" to have Deadspin bitch (not just the Guardian's "tsk, tsk") at people for using ad-blockers even as they have this 20-25 percent ratio of advertorial spam crapola.

Sidebar: Like SB Nation and other sites who had their chops busted recently for paying people with little more than "exposure," I wonder what Deadspin actually pays people.

The other reason to browse Deadspin is to see how much it trolls the Red Satan.

And, last week, that's where it entered self-parody with this headline: "ESPN Boss John Skipper Cites Possibility Of "Social Hectoring And Trolling" In Robert Lee Decision."

First of all, I actually kind of agree with the ESPN decision. Who's to say that RWNJs wouldn't, say, visit Lee's hotel room? Actual fans do it regularly the night before big playoff games to visiting teams' hotels.

Secondly, it wasn't about political correctness. And, if it were, Deadspin would be hypocrite of the month for calling that out.

Above all, though, "social hectoring and trolling"?

Sounds like Deadspin is worried some nutbar fans will hone in on its anti-ESPN gravy train.

And, in all of this, shows its years of ownership by Nick Denton and Gawker.

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