May 29, 2017

TX Progressives remember Memorial Day and the #RWNJ #txlege dead

The Texas Progressive Alliance doesn't need a back channel to bring you this week's roundup. We also hope that readers were able to observe Memorial Day — our nation’s salute to our war dead, and originally our nation’s salute to our Union Army Civil War dead — in an appropriate way.

Off the Kuff has an update on the redistricting situation.

Socratic Gadfly has collected and assembled his first set of thoughts on the idea of guaranteed, universal, or basic income, both its promises and its possible perils.

Texas Republicans are leading the way for mean, misogynistic, crazy, racist policies. CouldBeTrue of South Texas Chisme joins the resistance.

With hurricane season approaching, Neil at All People Have Value reported on the Trump/Governor Abbott hurricane plan for the Houston/Galverston area. APHV is part of

Democrats were on the comeback trail even before the Montana special election results came in, reported PDiddie at Brains and Eggs.

Lewisville Texan Journal talks about a new homeless shelter for teens in that city.


And here are some posts of interest from other Texas blogs.

Mark McKinnon wonders how the Texas GOP got to be so out of touch with the business community.

Better Texas Blog explains the Saturday Night Massacre budget deal.

The TSTA Blog criticizes Greg Abbott's support of the "sanctuary cities" law.

Grits for Breakfast checks to see which criminal justice bills did and did not survive the end-of-session bloodletting.

Dwight Silverman explains how you can legally circumvent the new texting-while-driving ban.

Juanita has a preferred candidate for Chair of the Republican Party of Texas.

Mimi Swartz was not amused by Greg Abbott's joke about shooting reporters.

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