SocraticGadfly: Additional James Comey revelations to the Senate

May 03, 2017

Additional James Comey revelations to the Senate

CNN nailed the top ten of the FBI director. But there's more.

Additional revelations from James Comey's Senate talk today:

1. Huckleberry J. Butchmeup (hat tip to friend Brains) wants Anthony's Weiner.

Don't tell me he didn't elbow aside Huma Abedin last summer!

2. James Comey masturbates to "intelligence porn."

Seriously, you're another non-journalist trying to make your own ruling about the First Amendment. GFY.

3. Sally Yates thinks Leonard Peltier is a Russian mole.

Seriously, maybe she does. Why else did she tell Dear Leader to deny him commutation? (And she did.)

4. Patrick Leahy is jealous of Bernie Sanders. (Could be true, amirite?)

5. Huckleberry J. Butchmeup secretly wants Julian Assange's babies. (I made you throw up in your mouth, didn't I?)

6. Hillary Clinton threw a nightshade again at Bill Clinton. (It's surely possible.)

7. Loretta Lynch wanted Barack Obama's babies.

It's also surely possible. And, what are the odds you think Dear Leader ever had more than his eyeballs wander, post-marital vows?

8. Christophe is pissed that people attacked him, falsely, for closing LAX, and Lynch gets off lightly.

(Christophe is now in hiding with Richard Simmons.)

9. The Democrats are getting ready to claim Trump's iPhone, specifically his Twitter feed, has been hacked by Moscow.

My only question is, why has this claim not already been made?

10. These items are all more relevant to reality than most of what we heard from Senate chambers. However, per the NYT, not CNN, there was one scary, very relevant takeaway: Comey wants to keep on spying on communications.

And, (May 9), there's the really serious issue of Comey being fired, Dems partially hoist by their own petards and boatloads of MAGA-level lying everywhere within Team Trump. My initial thoughts here.

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