February 15, 2017

Bannon has the long knives out for Priebus, aka Rinse Penis, next?

A shout-out to friend Brains and Eggs for the best nickname for Trump's chief of staff.

That said, how much longer will Reince Priebus BE Trump's chief of staff?

Vox has a good take on a Brietbart piece that indicates if White House special advisor Steve Bannon has his way, maybe not a lot longer.

The first thing to remember is, of course, that Breitbart is Bannon's old stomping grounds. With that in mind, note that three anonymous sources talked to Breitbart. (Sidebar: the MSM-like use of anonymous sources, whether at Breitbart or at Talking Points Memo, is one of the most laughable reminders of the lie of how Gnu Media was going to transform old media.)

One of the leakers is, I'll give even odds, Stephen Miller, with leak talking points from Bannon himself.

That said, who is Bannon?

My quick take on what I've read of him so far and seen of him so far is that he is some mix of Robert Bork and H.R. Haldeman.

In other words, he's a mix of an ideologue in some ways outside of conventional political conservativism and a hatchet man and political infighter with skills.

And, the actual Breitbart piece reflects the Borkian mindset half, with Obama holdovers called "sleeper cells."

Other parts? How can Speaker Paul Ryan push through a Trump infrastructure plan when he's written out nothing, zip, zilch, nada, about its details? More on Trump's lack of specific policy and legislative directions here.

But, it's not just Breitbart. As The Atlantic notes, people like longtime GOP goon Roger Stone are talking on the record. The Atlantic says Bannon called the piece "absurd" in an email. But, a skilled infighter would do something like that in a situation like this. It's also interesting that Sean Spicer gets at least some degree of "grooming" treatment. Is he at the top of the list of replacement names?

That said, if Bannon's right that Priebus is the best White House liaison with Congress, imagine if he were canned. Breitbart, if it wanted actual news stories, could cue up months of bemoaning Ryan not pushing Trump's agenda because we still wouldn't have any of it written down.

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