January 06, 2017

NBC: The new Fox uptown? Megyn Kelly, Greta Van Susteren and reality

First, it was Megyn Kelly moving to 30 Rock.

Now, Greta Van Susteren is headed to MSNBC.

A few notes, starting with some for the snowflake neoliberals out there.

First of all, don't think this is going to help the Peacock's enlightenment level. After all, both are lawyers, and both probably knew about sexual harassment issues of Gretchen Carlson (and others?) at Faux, and apparently said nothing, did nothing. Kelly even claimed Ailes sexually harassed HER, and ...

That was it. Crickets. Said nothing more. Did nothing more.

Second, neither is that close to liberal in general. Right-neoliberal might be the best to hope for. (That's even as the Old Gray Lady, at the first link, is already trying a bit of spinning.)

Third, don't think that Madcow Rachel Maddow will rub off that much on either. She's no more than a left-neoliberal, really.

Fourth, sorry, Megyn:
In an interview with Charlie Rose on “CBS Sunday Morning” last year, Ms. Kelly described the television show of her fantasies. “How about if we merge a little Charlie Rose, a little Oprah, and a little me all together,’’ she said. “And we serve that up as an hour? Wouldn’t you watch that?” 
But people aren't watching a daytime version of Charlie Rose. Not the high-dollar viewers that NBC wants. Nor are you a dash of Oprah. Maybe a more glam, kinder, gentler Phyllis Schlafly? Certainly not if an informed female guest on the daytime show brings up Kelly's past silence on sexual harassment.

Oh, and NBC and MSNBC? Don't expect some cascade of new viewers from this.

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