November 29, 2016

Who's stupider at the NYT, Friedman or Krugman?

This is an epic race for the bottom.

First, Krugman continues to be an ever-more-rabid Clintonista. Over the weekend, he essentially accused FBI director James Comey of treason. No, really:
Beyond the treason angle, Krugman is being trolled to the max by a man who's a classic troll.

This is also the same Krugman, Nobel winner in economics, who on Election Night blamed Jill Stein for Hillary Clinton's losing Florida, even though, in real time, Donald Trump's margin over Clinton was three times that of Stein's total votes.

But, Teapot Tommy, aka My Head is Flat Friedman, isn't going to surrender without a fight.

First, his latest book is stupid enough. Per Gizmodo, it also has one of the dumbest graphs of all time. It's so dumb that Matt Taibbi is running a contest for the best skewering of it. At left is my entry, which if you click the Gizmodo link, you will see directly plays off Friedman's original.

Can't put it much more clearly than that, can we?

All of this shows its no wonder that, when the New York Times, a decade or so ago, first proposed a paywall, Times Select, and limited it to columns and other semi-proprietary material, that the columnists bitched. They were afraid of finding out what the public thought they were actually worth.

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