November 19, 2016

Mike Leach, come on down to the #CFP

With Washington, as well as Michigan and Clemson, losing last week, Big 12 football fans had reason to hope that a one-loss West Virginia (which still doesn't seem like it should be in the conference), or even a two-loss Oklahoma or Oklahoma State, might get into the four-team college football playoff.

Even more so with L'ville getting blown out by Houston Thursday night and eliminating itself from the chase.

But picture this one instead.

FORMER Big 12 coach Mike Leach, removed from Texas Tech's pastures at Lubbock to those of Washington State in Pullman, pulling the deal off instead.

It's very possible.

The Coogs entirely control their own destiny, short of the playoff voters, of course.

They play Pac-12 South leader Colorado this week. Then, the Huskies are on tap for what will decide the North title. The first is on the road; the second at home. If they win both (or just the second, even, but that's out of the playoff picture then), they then would either replay the Buffaloes, or else USC (maybe?) or Utah, for the league title.

Colorado is 12th in the AP poll and 10th in the CFP. Washington is 7th and 6th, respectively, and Utah 11th/12th.

In my book, if a fourth CFP slot is open, winning out that trifecta would put the two-loss Coogs ahead of either Sooners or Cowpokes, and I think it should put them ahead of the Mountaineers.

Plus, wouldn't you like the Eff You angle of Leach being in the playoffs? Yes, yes, yes.

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