October 09, 2016

Scorecard: MSM 2, Assange 1/2

Whatever "October surprise" Julian Assange has in store for Hillary Clinton has probably already been torpedoed out of the water by the dual anti-Trump leaks last week.

The $900-million plus tax write off would have been big enough by itself. But, the crude misogyny recordings finished the deal, especially coming out the same time that Assange started his leak of John Podesta emails, within a larger leak of Hillary Clinton emails.

So, per Ted Rall: Assange is an idiot.

Or, per Sean Connery: Just like a Wikileaker!

Sorry, Assange, you blew it.

And, you have to know you're fighting the MSM. So, per Rall, you better get your A game going now.

Unless you have a massive leak, it's too late for the second debate.

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