August 05, 2016

I wish #ImWithJill were physically true at the #GNCinHOU

When I first heard that the Greens were having their national convention in Houston, I circled that on my calendar with definite plans to attend at least the weekend portion. Whether I went as purely a private person or a mix of private and professional I hadn't decided.

Unfortunately, a mix of being short-handed at work and a personal injury has nixed that.

But, you can read my blogging buddy and friend Brains, who is a Houstonian, and is doing social media work for the party at the convention.

Samples of his blog work from this week include:
1. Blue vs. Green with the "Oh the SCOTUS" fear-based rallying cry of Democrats;
2. The latest installation of his "scattershooting donkeys," for Democrats taking fear-based, generally uninformed, potshots at the Green Party and/or presidential nominee Jill Stein;
3. A brief piece on the Greens' upcoming CNN town hall;
4. And a first look in photos at what's happening at the convention.

1 comment:

PDiddie said...

Thanks man. It was invigorating and exhausting. My feet are sore, my back is sore, I have a blister the size a quarter on one heel, and I'm sorry it's over.