June 16, 2016

Guaranteed annual income and freedom from the tyranny of real estate

You read that right, and as with a number of others of my headers, will now unpack it.

People who support single-payer national health care over Obamacare, at least in its current weak tea form, and over pre-Obamacare, we cite as one reason for this support that it frees people from the tyranny of being lashed to an unlikeable job just for the bennies. (The US adopting guaranteed minimum vacation time would expand this freedom even more.)

Guaranteed annual income would have a somewhat similar effect. I could combine it with freelance writing to telecommute. Others could do similar. Parents of young children could look to move into better school districts. And more.

No, this wouldn't be major freedom, but it would at least mildly boost mobility.And undercut the tyranny of realtors. It would also probably further expose redlining, not a bad side benefit.

I'm sure this is all part of why white neoliberal thought leaders don't push guaranteed income.

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