April 22, 2016


First, let's not forget that the Paris climate accord officially being signed today is little more than high-aspiration JellO. There's nothing binding, and even its aspirational targets may be too modest.

Buck Canyon, Canyonlands National Park / Blogger's photo
Second, per my photo, let's remember that Earth Day involves places that are red and brown and gray as well as green. All the planet needs our concern.

Third, from the first and second, let's remember that this is why many environmental controls are statutory — due to human nature, they have to be; they wouldn't work as voluntary controls.

Fourth, and also per that photo, let's remember that places we designate as national parks or similar, at least the more popular ones, can be overused and overloved.

Fifth, at the same time, let's not romanticize, in America, the pre-European past too much. American Indians extensively managed and controlled much of their natural surroundings.

Sixth, let's remember, in the wake of things like urban flooding, that Earth Day was founded as a wake-up to urban, developmental-related environmental problems.

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