March 02, 2016

Quick #SuperTuesday reax

First, at the local level, personal if I hadn't early-voted and lived in another precinct, and professional because it delayed the end of my work day, a county of less than 30K runs out of ballots at three precincts, has to make paper copies and hand-count.

Everything's bigger in Texas, including the snafus. Oh well, voting machine companies can't create fraudulent paper ballots.

Statewide? Well, Cruz had more giddy-up than I expected. I didn't think he'd win Texas by more than 6 percentage points. That said, pundits aren't THAT impressed by it.

Louie Gohmert didn't get "primaried" after all, it turns out, or else a lot of folks in Congressional District 1 like having a clown to represent them.

Mucus and others couldn't unseat Joe Straus. Molly White appeared to be losing her state House seat to a more conventional Big Biz Republican. So, maybe the high tide of the Tea Party is over.

Nationally, for both parties? Both Trump and Clinton took 60 percent of their party's available delegates or more. John Kasich is hanging on to try to win winner-take-all Ohio; ditto for Rubio and Florida. Getcha popcorn in the next two weeks; Missouri and Illinois are also winner-take-all on Second Tuesday.

Dems? Sanders' failure to close the deal in Massachusetts wash't good.

Looking ahead, he'll probably win Kansas and Nebraska on March 8. Michigan on March 8 is going to be a biggie even before Second Tuesday. It's an open primary; if he can't win that, with independent crossover help, it's time for the Fat Lady to warm her vocal cords.

Second Tuesday isn't so good for him. Florida's a closed primary, and DNC Chair and Florida Congresscritter and general grifter Debbie Wasserman Schultz will do everything she can to help make sure he's killed there. If he can't win a majority of Dem delegates between now and Second Tuesday, I don't care how much money he raises.

It didn't help Jeb¡ now, did it?

There is this tidbit, per Doug Henwood:
True dat. Those Southern blacks of Clinton's firewall will be outnumbered by Southern whites in the general, in all likelihood. OTOH, she tied Iowa and squeaked out Massachusetts.

Raw Story points out several candidates who hung around after passing their sell-by dates. However, it doesn't note that, in general, even if they didn't "suspend" their campaigns, normally, they did just that. The DNC, if Bernie gets to being too much of a pest from its and Clinton's POV, will have him address the convention at 7 a.m. Tuesday rather than 7 p.m. Thursday, or whatever.

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