January 05, 2016

This time, Dear Leader really, without #hypocrisy means it on #guncontrol

Can't you tell, by the "emotional urgency" that has entered the mellifluous voice of President Barack Obama, that this time, he really means it about gun control?

(Reposted since I couldn't spell "hypocrisy" right.)


Like when it took him six years to name a permanent director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. (That counts holdover vacancy time from the Bush Administration, tis true. And, yes, the Senate obstructed many nominees, but as Pro Publica notes, Obama was also slower than his predecessors at making nominations.)

Like when he agreed to let loaded guns back in our national parks. (Just in time for the neoliberal-driven centennial of the Park Service.)

Like his administration's slothful lack of action on the Oregon standoff, and caving into old man Bundy in 2014.

Yeah, so I really feel the sincerity. And the urgency. The urgency that led to a relative lack of arrests on gun-purchase laws, even if the Department of Justice was short on DAs and ADAs. Fine. Stop prosecuting drug crimes.

Obama never made an "Eppur si muove" comment after the Supreme Court gutted gun control on Heller, never said that he still stood by the Second Amendment being a corporate, not an individual right. (Only about 10 percent of Americans owned their own individual guns in 1775.)

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